Hi, I’m
David Freixanet


As a freelance creative director with a background in film direction and experience in global creative agencies, I have spent nearly two decades in the advertising industry, including more than 10 years running my own agency. I’ve developed a reputation for blending creativity with strategy to produce exceptional results. I’m not afraid to take unconventional approaches and break the rules to achieve the perfect end result. Whether it’s a quirky commercial or a sleek branding campaign, I excel at pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. I have an eye for detail and a passion for visual aesthetics, ensuring that every project is visually stunning and captivating. I understand the importance of strategy and concept in successful campaigns and work collaboratively with my clients to ensure that their message is conveyed in the most effective and engaging way possible. My passion for creativity and versatility allows me to work from anywhere and everywhere, always ready to take on new challenges and bring fresh ideas to the table.